Update/Lose in the Opening

May 31, 2009, 6:52 AM |

Had another loss yesterday that I(hopefully) will learn a lot from.  Some may wonder why I have only posted losses so far -- I find I learn a lot more from them.  This game was against one of the CMX personalities, and I had actually won four in a row, raising my rating from 992 to 1039, but none of the games were worth posting -- mostly just taking advantadge of gross blunders.  In all of them I noticed significant tactical mistakes on reviewing, and in general I am improving gradually in that department I think.  I'm still losing almost all of my bullet games but am occasionally winning, and am slowly getting my brain to speed up a little, though there's still a long way to go.  As far as the Tactics Trainer goes, I'm at 917 right now(low of 838, high of 976), but I haven't been able to spend nearly as much time with it as I want(0.1 hrs. on the 3 problems a day limit -- I'm waiting at the moment for my account to be upgraded so I can put a lot more time into it). 

Anyway, in this particular game I lost the initiative quickly and never got it back.  I'm always interested in constructive criticism on my games btw.  I'm getting a little better at avoiding huge errors, but still make a ton of 'smaller' ones and far more gross blunders than I should.







A good example of how poor play early on can quickly snowball.  There were a couple opportunities to get, relatively at least, out of danger, but they were missed and White's pressure was never countered.