How to Improve your game as well as having fun doing it.

Aug 10, 2013, 10:05 PM |

Okay so you are coming back to the community day after day and you just do not see yourself improving your game. You do your best your ripping through tons of games yet things are still the same well hopefully I just might be able to help you.

I would honestly suggest staying away from the lower time controls for a while that was my first main mistake and I still make that mistake today I mean hey its fun right. Another thing I found to work the absaloute best is to still use books. Now your probably thinking oh man are you serious man yes I am very serious. Why I say this is in due to how our minds work as well as how we process things to take them in to store this information into our memory. One of the best books I have in my collection is this one here:

Thumb through it in the morning as well as at night honestly it will help you. Hey after I did this for three good months in the morning and thumbing through doing the puzzles at night I went from being back then a 1100 player to being upwards of 1650 it does work.

I could not break that trend though so what I did to keep climbing the ladder of success was to find outward sources of how I could improve my opening game middle and end game.

Back when I was looking for this Chessmaster 9000 was with what I went with and back in 2000 that was actually one of the better chess programs for learning things.

I played through the tutorials and my rating was slowly climbing up to about 1700 to 1750. After doing this though I still was not satisfied I just wanted so much more I wanted to learn and showed this in a positive way to the community alike.

That was when I started doing everything I could to help the community in every way I could possibly imagine helping others go over there games just did my best to be as stand up of a person that I could be back then.

I also did everything I possibly could to show the higher rated players that I wanted to learn and that I did not want to be that normal person coming in spaming the forums or talking about other things.

Here is the real shocker this actually helped me greatly. How did it help me well in any real high rated players stand point as well as the players that were very high rated players. Most of them end up putting people like this on there ignore list yes honestly it does happen or they simply just do not pay as much attention to them.

It just shows them there not wanting to really learn anything nor improve there game so why spend the effort with people such as this right? Well I wanted to be there to learn as I still am today.

After a long while I ended up slowly getting up around 1960. so how did I do this. Well I ended up getting to know more and more of the higher rated players. I showed interest in them showed them I wanted to learn from them.

This was when I ended up getting some of the higher rated players to help do some careful analyzation of my previous games. This slowly helped me to achieve 2000.

I ended up getting to know WGM Martha Fierro as well as GM Larry Christiansen they helped me to achieve a rating of about 2100. Here is the real kicker though in due to just being a stand up person I never had to pay a single cent out of my pocket so yes sometimes one can get things for free if you show you want to learn.

After a while I had them coming to me to play 10 minute games with them so if you are one of them people on here that does seriously want to learn I do have to say this.

Sometimes it is within the way you aproach these players if you want to be a know it all well that is not really any way to get any help. I did my best not to be that loud mouth.

I did my best to show them I wanted to learn so if you may be a Master reading this hey honestly thank you for taking the time to read my blog I really do appreciate it.

That is my secret to my sucess of toping a rating of 2150 on a server that has now closed down WCN my goal is to be upwards of 2200 or higher.

Thank you all for reading. I hope this does help some of you as you talk to any Master out there and they will tell you still to this day. Reading books as well as doing chess puzzles Careful analyzation of your games and staying away from the lower time controls while studying will help you improve your game none the less.

I hope you enjoyed this blog of mine and hope to see you all out in the community.