Lithuanian chess championship. Day 2

Lithuanian chess championship. Day 2

FM Bugcrusher

So, the first of two hard days – for old players like me 2 rounds per day is exactly one round too muchJ The first opponent – a young player. Despite his low ELO, last year he managed to finish second in Lithuanian U-18 championship, behind IM Titas Stremavicius.

Ok, I have 2 from 2 which makes an unusual perfect start for me. Some games went into long endgames (one IM was trying to win R+K vs R endgame, but his opponent managed to successfully hold on. But those long-lasting games finished just about 30 minutes before the start of second round of that day, so there were basically no time to prepare. My next opponent is a talented young player, Lithuanian U-14 champion, who is clearly underrated and should gain ~200 ELO points this year if he keeps playing like now. I lost our last game to him in some Christmas rapid tournament, so revenge was only thing on mind. However,...

So, a miraculous escape and I have very decent 2.5/3 and White against lower-rated opponent in 4th round. There are 5 players leading with a perfect 3/3 score. I recommend to put your attention at one of the leaders, Andrius Brazdzionis. This guy plays really modern, dynamic chess, and if he is successful against GM Malisaukas today, I would not be surprised if he goes all the way. But of course, he has a very hard task today.

So, it is all for this moment. Will keep you in touchhappy.png