Lithuanian chess championship. Days 6 and 7

Lithuanian chess championship. Days 6 and 7

FM Bugcrusher
Mar 4, 2017, 12:16 AM |

Hi, everyone, so it is time to review the last two rounds of Lithuanian chess championship that just recently ended in Vilnius. So, I had a pretty solid 5.5/7 and was facing GM Vidmantas Malisauskas with Black. It was obvious he will go for a win and a hard game waits for me.

 Ok, I took it as a deserved loss and started to wait for my last round pairings. Somehow, I was sure that I will receive White and my intention was to push for win as hard as I can. However, the pairings were a little bit surprise for me- I should play WIM Salomeja Zaksaite with Black. Ok, that do not change my intentions – I will play for a win in any case. I had a very good tie break after 8 rounds, my Buchholz was the third highest in the whole tournament, so I had a good possibility to enter the top-5 and receive a ticket to Baltic Zonal Tournament with a win. Sorry, decided to take some more hours of sleep and not to write my blog post about previous game in the morning. A very selfish approach, but I cannot change my naturehappy.png

Ok, so 6/9 and I was waiting for final results. However, to my horror, almost all my opponents successfully lost their last round games and I was down to twelfth in the final standings. There were 12 prizes in this tournament, so I was awarded 50 euros as some consolationJ

What are my thoughts after the championship?

  1. I cannot handle pressure as I did in my youth days anymore. My hands were starting to shake almost in every game even playing against low-rated opponents.
  2. I use my time very unreasonably. Sometimes, I think about 30 minutes in comparatively simple spots and sometimes I move too quickly in critical moments of the game ( which costed me a win in the last round).
  3. I still have passion for chess ( maybe I should talk about refound passion). So, I am already considering where I should paly nextJ

Talking about the tournament results, you can find the final standing at The strongest always remain on top, so big congratulations for GM Vidmantas Malisauskas with his 8th national title (and of course I can say that only a winner managed to beat me). Congratulations to other medalists and top-5 finishers. The tendency that young players are coming is unavoidable, and all the titled and experienced players were facing many difficulties playing the young generation.

So, that’s all for a moment. I will surely come back with some other materials about my tournaments of tournaments that are interesting to me. Stay tuned and thank you everyone who was reading these posts. GL!