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Doctor Who's very own...Matt Smith!!!!

Doctor Who's very own...Matt Smith!!!!

Jun 22, 2015, 4:31 PM 1

I'm gonna start a new blog series containing info about the best British celebs! But for this one I'll be talking about Matthew Robert Smith...the actor who plays The Eleventh Doctor on the Britan show...(well you guessed it)...Doctor Who itself. Almost like a short bio. Matt Smith's full name is Matthew Robert Smith. I believe that he's in his thirties right now. I also heard he's interested in Lilly James, the main actress in Disney's new live-action movie, Cinderella, where she plays as the Princess herself. Matt has acted as The Doctor through the sixth and seventh seasons of the famous show and has met many people. A few of those people include Karen Gillan (Plays as Amy Pond.), Arthur Darvill (Plays as Rory Williams.), Alex Kingston (Plays as River Song.), and Jenna Louise-Coleman (Plays as Clara "Oswin" Oswald.)... He has also starred in I believe two Doctor Who specials. In one or both of the specials, he's acted with David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor.), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler.), and Jon Hurt (The War Doctor.)... Some of the "monsters" Matt encountered included some of the most famous of them all. The Weeping Angels, Daleks, The Ice Lord, The Silarians, and even the dreaded Cybermen. Of course they were all in costume. In one episode, The Doctor even had a Cyberman (actually it was Wesly) (sorry for the spelling) almost turn him into the new Cyber planner to lead and help them when in need. To see what Matt looks like, I've included a picture (actually it's a gif) of him embedded in the body of this blog. 


Want more information on the best Brit celebirties? Comment on who I should write about next. And even if it's not an UK celeb, still do it. (Britan and UK is basically another name for England...as if you didn't know...)

Also, comment what you thought about this forum and tell me if I should go through with writing a series of blogs just for this kind of topic. And if I do, check it out! Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!


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