King's Gambit Accepted tournament: Round 1 review


I'm a big fan of the King's Gambit but I don't normally accept it when playing black.  I decided to join the KGA tournament based of the Study Plan series here on reccomended joining a tournament and evaluating your play.  The following are the round 1 games.  I won 4 games on time and I think this has overly inflated my rating.  Round 1 for me was big win, but I doubt round 2 will produce the same results.  I'll have to see.

Here are the games with some quick evaluations.

The next two games my opponent never made their move.

I'm a big fan of 1.e4 and of the King's Gambit.  Hopefully my studies of the opening pay off in round 2 as they did in round 1.  I'm a little doubtfull though.