Studying does work! Who knew?

Aug 23, 2015, 7:15 PM |

I picked up the book "Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps" B. Pandolfini, Simon & Schuster 1989 at the local used book store.  I have since been studying the King's Gambit lines.  In the book Panolfini is a big fan of the moves Bxf7+, Kxf7, Qh5+ then checking the black King into oblivian.  In the following game I didn't make all the correct moves but studying did help in a big way.  I've included some of my notes as well as some by's computer analysis.  Hope you enjoy.

Here is the game without my notes or additional lines.

Now, what the computer analyis had to say about my moves.

Inaccuracies: 3 = 18.8% of moves *

Mistakes: 2 = 12.5% of moves *

Blunders: 2 = 12.5% of moves *

Apponents moves included in stats but not in diagram.


i guess I'll just have to continue to study this King's Gambit a bit more.  It's allot of fun to play cause I find it fast and very agressive.  Thanks for viewing.  Take care.