Jan 6, 2008, 4:16 PM |

People don't play chess on Sundays.  Or so it would seem from the lack of activity on all the games I'm currently in the midst of not playing because no one else is online. 

On the up side I think I'm getting to be a bit (stressing the "bit") more patient with my play...  I've only made one disastrous move that I know of resulting in the untimely loss of my last rook (from the persian Ruhk, meaning "chariot.")  I had rooks on b1 & 2.  My opponent had a rook on a8 and his king on f8.  I moved, Rb8 + ...Ra8xb8, Rb1xb8+.  Haha!  get out of that one!  but, of course, I did not pay close enough attention and my opponent quickly moved(from her position on f4) Qxb8!  I was officially cooked at that point but held on for another 20 moves and only ended up losing 15 points from my overall ranking.  And there was the added comfort that it took my opponent twice as long to destroy me as it had the first time he beat me.  All in all a good game and one to remind me to stop pushing for the quick win and take my time and cover my pieces.

 and, hopefully, there will be some people coming online in a bit because I'm rather impatient to test out my new patience...