Game, set and match...

Jan 11, 2008, 7:55 PM |

Well, today i recieved (from WholesaleChess) my board, set, bag and book for keeping notes on my games...

All in all I'm quite happy with the set.  The pieces are quite heavy which is very pleasing.  You set a piece down and, with the balance and weight of it, the piece fels like it directs itself to the appropriate position...  game play is, at least physically, effortless.  The heft of the pieces are incredible and truly make one feel as though they are playing a game of royalty.  There is nothing quite like it except, perhaps, the balanced weight of a good pen etching your thoughts upon a heavy bond paper...  or a well ballanced sword, though not as many have had that experience.  But the point is balance and heft, and this set has it.  Truly pleasing. 

The board is your standard vinyl roll up.  It is pleasing to the eye (green and white with algebraic notation,) of more than adequete size and, of course, I can roll it up which rather tickles me.

The notation book is what it is; a book that can handle notation for fifty gmaes as long as neither player goes over 100 moves.  Which for me shouldn't be too difficult as I have yet to have a game go over 60.  If any have gotten to 60.

The bag...  I thought I might have some problems with as the zippers were zipped but open in a couple of spots when I got it.  However, I unzipped the pouches entirely and zipped them back up and haven't had a problem so...  time will tell.

The surprise...  I got two queens of each color.  Apparently this is standard to gove more than one Queen but I was unaware of it.  Total cost, including shipping, was about $33.  I did find another similar set which offered four queens for roughly the same price (actually $2-$3 cheaper) but I had already ordered this one and decide to stick with this order as the shipping was a bit quicker.

All in all I'm quite pleased and am looking forward to playing someone other than my niece and nephews with it...  although I'm sure they'll appreciate the set as well...