Open Letter of Disgust to Morgan Adelaide

Jan 31, 2008, 2:40 PM |

I almost beat you in the only game we've played...  I've beat people that have beaten you...  it took you 64 moves to mate me and that is nowhere near a shut out...  so what are you afraid of?  Losing?  Dropping down in ranking?  The only reason you beat me was because I was out of practice...  my ranking has been steadily rising and you call my playing crap (oh, wait, crapt, because you can't spell)?  No tournament is ever decided on one game...  if this is because you know I'm better than you are so be it - but at least be gentleman enough to to allow me a rematch.

Ok, so maybe I should just let this go and chalk it up to you being afraid of a real challenge but it irks me to no end to be beaten by a sanctimonious prat like you - especially when I know I can beat you with very little effort.   

So if you ever man up and play me again don't be expecting a friendly game...  I'll be after you with both barrels blazing.  Not that I expect you to be a man after the way you've behaved.