Waves of Understanding

Jan 16, 2008, 2:29 PM |

Everything in life centers around waves; Light waves, Sound waves, Microwaves (hey, a guy's gotta eat) But recently the most prominent waves have been the emotional waves...

my concentration has been off...  not only here but lsewhere as well.  I started my second (and final) term of EMT training last week and whereas in first term I was well up on my reading and ahead of everyone else as far as testing went this term I'm slacking off quite a bit...  I'm also taking a class on medical terminology (which ic essentially another language class, something I have never been dedicated to, unfortunately) and I'm dragging my feet on that as well...  I should, in fact, be reading right now but am not.  I'm here, writing about what I should be doing.  

And its a concentration thing, really...  I am waiting for the next wave...  but trying to play through it.  Just as I am continuing to attend classes even though the motivation to keep up isn't there...  

Its a bit habit, really...  getting behind and catching up.  Something I've become far too adept at.

So I am confessing it here...  mostly as a way to guilt myself into going forth and doing my work...  which it seems to have done so, if you will excuse me, I have a bit of reading to do.

Guess I'll be making my own waves.