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Why I'm here...

Dec 29, 2007, 3:23 PM 0
I've been playing Chess since I was a kid.  My first memories of the game consist of playing with my dad on the weekends that he would pick me up from my mom's house.  That went on for several years until i neat him a couple of times and then he didn't want to play anymore.  I played here and there with friends but never took the game too seriously.  I usually won but a few times in my early twenties I got my rear end handed to me by some players that had taken the game a bit more seriously.  At any rate, having played off and on most of my life I find that my niece and nephews are starting to play and I'd like to give them a bit more knowledge about the game than I had when I was growing up.  So I'm here both to play and to learn so that I might better teach them...  and hopefully never face the crushing defeats that I inflicted upon my father when I was a teen.

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