My Interview With Bgabor91!
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My Interview With Bgabor91!

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   Welcome to the blog! 

Welcome everyone to this interview! I hope everyone enjoys and can actually read this in light mode 😂

Sorry again to everyone about my last blog, this one will be much better!

     Welcome To The Interview!     CD "Hello and welcome to the interview! As you know, I am CD. Today I am interviewing FM, bgabro91! He is an FM title and full-time coach! Before we begin, is there a nickname you would like us to call you in this interview?"

Bgabro "Hello and thank you for the interview request! I don't have a special nickname, I use Gabor.happy"

CD " Alright Gabor! Let's begin the interview! "  

            Question Number one!  

CD " When did you start playing chess?"

Gabor "I started playing chess at the age of 7. My father taught me how to play it and I found the game quite interesting. I couldn’t beat him and it frustrated me (I always wanted to win!), so I started playing games against the computer to get more experience. One day I could beat my dad, I was really happy, it gave me extra motivation, so my parents took me to a local club where I could learn from coaches. That was the beginning of my long journey…"

CD " Nice man! I wish I could improve! Lol! "

  Question Number Two! 

CD "Who inspired you to start playing chess?"

Gabor "My father inspired me to start playing chess, he showed me how to play it and I found the game quite interesting. I always loved logic games." 

 CD" Ha! Nice! Same here, I love games that make me think! "

        Question Number Three! 

CD "What was your best win?"

Gabor ".Well, it's very difficult to choose only 1 game. 4 games come to my mind and all of them because of different reasons. My win against Feller Sebastien at the European Youth Championship in 2007 was a great accomplishment since he already was a very strong player (almost GM) and he became the second at the end of the Championship (later he became a team member in the French Olympic Team). I outplayed him with the Black pieces strategically, liquidating to a winning endgame then he lost on time.

My win against GM Hoang Thanh Trang (who is a multiple Hungarian Olympic Team member; Asian Women's Champion and European Women's Champion) was a nice one, I sacrificed an exchange to attack her king and gain a decisive material advantage.

I beat IM Ervin Toth, a Hungarian International Master with a nice exchange sacrifice in the middlegame, I think that was my best positional sacrifice in my career, I started preparing it 5 moves earlier when his knight wasn't even on the square where I wanted to sacrifice the exchange, I'm very proud of it. Then I destroyed his king's defense and he resigned.

My game against WGM Petra Papp (who is also a Hungarian Olympic Team member) was my favorite attacking game without any deep tactical motifs, it was just beautiful cooperation of my pieces (at the final position, her king was in the center with major pieces on the board)."

CD " see all four games here!

Check them out!

       Question Number Four! 

CD "How long have you been playing chess?"

Gabor "I've been playing chess for 23 years, I started it when I was 7 years old, as I mentioned before."

CD " wow! "

        Question Number Five! 

 CD " Who is your favorite chess player?"

Gabor "That’s a very difficult question to answer. Botvinnik’s style is close to my style, he had a brilliant positional understanding, and I learned a lot of middlegame plans from him. I’m amazed by Kasparov’s games, he was an undisputed champion, maybe the best of all time. I don’t have any favorites nowadays, I enjoy watching the best players games, all of them are unbelievable!" 

CD " a very professional answer!"

         Question Number Six! 

CD " What is your favorite opening?"

Gabor " I love the Sicilian Taimanov Variation with Black, I won a lot of nice games with that, I've been playing it for sixteen years."

CD " very nice. I enjoy the queen's gambit myself."

       Question Number Seven! 

CD " What is your favorite time control and why?"

Gabor "I  prefer the classical time control: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. I like it because I have a lot of time to think, so the quality of the games is high."

CD " I wish I had that much time to play! I play three-minute blitz, but my favorite is one-minute bullet! "

        Question Number Eight! 

CD "How long have you been coaching for? Tell us a little about your coaching techniques."

Gabor "If I'm correct, I've been coaching for six years. I started working with Hungarian kids then almost 3 years ago I decided on teaching foreign chess players, too, that's why I applied for becoming a coach. That was one of my best decisions in my life, I love teaching and helping beginners to become a better player, that's what I want to do my whole life.

In my opinion, chess has 4 main territories (openings, strategies, tactics/combinations, and endgames). If you want to improve your game efficiently, you should improve all of these skills almost at the same time. That’s what my training program is based on. My students like it because the lessons are not boring (we talk about more than one area within one lesson) and they feel the improvement in the longer run. Of course, there are different priorities at different levels but the most important thing is to understand and apply the right learning and thinking methods. Fortunately, I can say that as I experience, my method works because my students improve very well and they write a lot of nice reviews about my coaching services. 

But in my opinion, there is always room for improvement as a player and as a coach as well, that's why I keep buying and reading the best chess books, because this way I can learn a lot from other fantastic coaches, too."

" Wow! Maybe I could get a lesson or two... "

        Question Number Nine! 

CD " When did you get your FM title?"

Gabor "I reached the 2300 rating - what is needed to be a Fide Master - when I was 15 years old, but it wasn't so important for me to buy it. But when I wanted to become a titled coach I made the decision, so I claimed the FM title in 2020." 

CD " Wait, you have to pay to become a titled player?! Wow!"

         Question Number Ten! 

CD " If you could play any chess player in the world who would you play?"

Gabor "That's a very good question, if I had to choose only 1 player, I would say Magnus Carlsen but that would also be a pleasure to play against Kasparov. They have different styles and in my opinion, they are the greatest of all time in their styles."

CD "Same for me! It would be awesome to say I got beat by Magnus Carlson!"

        The End Of The Interview! 

CD "Thanks so much for joining us, Gabor! It was fantastic meeting you!"

Gabor " If you want to be successful at chess, you need to be persistent and consistent in learning, but the most important thing is to always enjoy and love the game!"

CD " there you have it! "

     You Actually Made It Here? 

Whoo! That was a ton of fun! I can't wait to see who I will interview next! If you have someone you want me to interview please PM me! 

Make sure you leave a comment below, please tell me how I did!

P.S. I hope all the light mode users are happy now. 



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