5 Cool iPhone Apps for Chess Lovers

Dec 16, 2011, 5:05 PM |

If you love to play chess, or you have a special chess lover in your life, then you could stand to benefit from a refresher when it comes to the traditional game of chess. There is no better way to sharpen chess skills than by switching things up a little, and there is perhaps no more convenient way to switch things up than to use the modern technology that you already have at your fingertips. Improve your chess game and have fun at the same time by checking out these five cool iPhone apps for chess lovers:

Chess at ICC by Internet Chess Club, Inc. This app, created by the world’s longest running Internet chess organization, offers a multitude of features and functions that are sure to please any chess player, of any experience level. For example, you can play chess with another app user, watch Grandmaster players in action, or chat with those on the app network to learn more about chess in general.

Chess Encyclopedia GB by Jose Barrientos. Have a handy reference guide for anything chess related – including the history of chess, chess strategies, the meaning of the chess pieces, types of chess games, and more – at your fingertips with this comprehensive encyclopedia app.

Chess Free by Optime Software LLC. As the name suggests, this app is free to use. What’s more is that it is touted as the best-designed app of its type for the iPhone, and the clear, modern graphics have a lot to do with that. Chess Free offers users a variety of gamine options, and even offers free support via the Optime Software website.

Mayos Chess Clock by Mayos. This sleekly-designed chess clock can be customized for varying delay and/or play time, and is the ideal way for any chess player to keep a chess clock on hand for impromptu opponent challenges.

Solitaire Chess by ThinkFun. Your chess player may not always feel like challenging a real-life opponent to a game of chess, and this app offers a solution for self-directed practice in the form of a fun game that uses the rules of chess, but that is ultimately much different than a full game of chess. Solitaire chess is a great way to think outside the box when it comes to strategy, which is what any and every chess player needs the most.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can use an iPhone to support an enthusiasm for chess, and you won’t need a payday installment loans to pay your bills after you get them, either. Work on your chess strategy by downloading these cool iPhone apps today.