Celebrate 25,000 Discord Users & Play An IM In This Special Simul Event

Celebrate 25,000 Discord Users & Play An IM In This Special Simul Event

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Always wanted to test your skills against a titled player? Now's your chance! To celebrate's official Discord server reaching over 25,000 users, IM Elliot Papadiamandis is taking on up to 30 challengers at the same time in an exciting simul event on Saturday June 25.

The background

The Discord server has grown a lot over the last year, and has now reached a big milestone: over 25,000 chess lovers have joined to talk about the latest tournaments, catch up on news, share memes, and challenge each other to matches. This special event is being held to celebrate the amazing growth of the server!

Event details

IM Elliot Papadiamandis will be playing up to 30 opponents at once in a simul event, taking place on Saturday June 25 at 6 p.m. CEST / 9 a.m. PST. The time control will be 2h+3s for IM Papadiamandis, and 5+3 for his opponents. This is to make sure that things are fair, or at least as fair as possible in a 1 vs. 30 scenario.

There will, of course, be some (small) prizes involved. We'll confirm these at a later stage.

How to take part

We've created a Discord channel where you can enter yourself into the draw. If you're lucky, you'll be contacted and told your entry was successful! Final confirmation is likely to be on Friday June 24, the day before the event starts. After that, it's a matter of keeping your eye on Discord and showing up at the right time.

Sign up here for the chance to test yourself against a titled player!

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