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LOCATION UPDATE: We'll be at the set of benches near the south-west of the park. Here are the exact coordinates:

Excited for TwitchCon Amsterdam? So are we! Lots of our favorite Twitch personalities from all over the world will be in the Dutch capital between 15-17 July, and will be there with our very own booth. There’ll be special merch, meet and greets, and (of course) plenty of opportunities to play a game yourself.

In addition to our official booth at TwitchCon, we’re also hosting a community meet-up as part of the festivities! Feel free to join us on July 15 and come meet your fellow chess fans. We’ll provide the chess boards, as well as some snacks and refreshments to keep you cool on what looks like it’ll be a warm summer day.

Where and when?

On July 15, we’ll be at the beautiful Beatrixpark from 2 p.m. local time onwards. This park is right next to the RAI convention center, where TwitchCon will be held, and is easily accessible by public transportation.

Who will be there?
Your friendly staff, both local and international, will be there to welcome you. We’re expecting a variety of people to show up, from some of our partnered streamers to users from around the world.

What activities are planned?

While there are no strict activities planned for this community meet-up, we’ll make sure there are plenty of chess boards to go around. There’s lots of room at Beatrixpark for other activities, so feel free to bring a frisbee, ball, or anything else you think your fellow chess players might enjoy! More than anything, this is just a chance to relax and meet other members of the community.

Do I need a TwitchCon ticket?

No you don’t! This event is not part of TwitchCon, and regardless of whether you have a TwitchCon ticket, you’re welcome to come and join in on the fun, play some chess, make friends, and maybe meet some of your favorite chess streamers.

Would you like to join us? Make sure you register here to let us know you're coming: