ChessSharkz on The Chess Lounge Podcast

ChessSharkz on The Chess Lounge Podcast

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If you have not listened to the Chess Lounge podcast, well you are in for a treat. My co-host Elaynah, the elegant New York based streamer and myself, interviewed GM Kayden Troff and reality TV star of  the show Sister Wives, Tony Padron. Together they make up the Twitch streaming duo - The ChessSharkz. Definitely go check them out too! 

Elaynah was absolutely on it in this episode grilling the guys about their past and future in chess / life. We had an absolute blast filming this episode and there were quite a few off the wall funny moments like this one: 

She drilled down further and got them to reveal their impending move to Charlotte:

On a personal note, I am having so much fun recording this podcast! It's nice to do something in the chess world that is not always so serious. I have a lot of fun coaching but teaching kids can definitely be draining. This is pumping up my energy and love for chess! Make sure to follow the show on your favorite podcast app. We definitely need reviews so if you do listen and give us that 5 star review, send me a message and I will shout you out in the next episode!