Crossed the 1600 Barrier

Crossed the 1600 Barrier

Jun 10, 2017, 2:33 PM |

     Hello all I want to congratulate myself on achieving my highest blitz rating at 1639! Thank you, thank you happy.png! I didn't think that I would cross the 1600 barrier but I have and I have kept it up since achieving it. I would contribute this to a couple of things. Since a rating of 1400 I have kept a consistent repertoire for myself and I have been analyzing most of my games, focusing on my blunders, as well as being a fanboy of Simon Williams. A nine game winning streak brought me to this point. 

       As a side note Danny Rensch was my introduction to chess streamers who taught me a lot about chess, Edward Norton movies, accents and general fun. Then John Bartholomew convinced me that my style was to play 1.d4 and having him as a guide to 1.d4 was amazing. Finally I found the Ginger GM, Simon Williams, who showed me how to play for checkmate and care less about being down a pawn. My friends convinced me to play the Dutch and now I own two of his e books (AMAZING FORMAT for chess books) and one of his DVDs (the killer D4 dvd I wish had a full PGN though it does have a skeleton)


My Repertoire Summary:


Killer d4 by Simon Williams


Attacking Chess: The French Defense by Simon Williams

The Killer Dutch by Simon Williams