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Gruenfeld Exchange Variation My Game Analysis With Qa4

Gruenfeld Exchange Variation My Game Analysis With Qa4

Jul 16, 2017, 11:48 AM 0

I was given the opportunity to play Qa4+ in the Gruenfeld Exchange Variation with black blocking the check with Bd7. I want to see what I can improve upon by looking at my game and some master games. End with some points to remember for myself.

My Game:

Master Games:
To limit clutter I put all the games into the same pgn, most of the games are incomplete to show the gist of the opening and early middlegame.

Next time I get to play against this opening:

  • Don't rush to play e5, try to keep the pawn duo intact
  • Remember a rook usually belongs on d1
  • The computer likes Bf4 maybe play this and analyze how it played a part
  • A bishop on e3 helps prevent c5

 Similar placement of queen in the game fischer spassky WC game 6

Link to pawn structures in the gruenfeld:



Links to the master games in the pgn:



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