Learning 1. d4 2. c4 Gruenfeld Pawn Structure Part 3

Learning 1. d4 2. c4 Gruenfeld Pawn Structure Part 3

Jul 7, 2017, 8:27 AM |

Hello again to another blog post where I try to learn something! In this series I have been looking at what I want to call a gruenfeld pawn structure,  where black has fanchettoed on g7 and white has pawns on c3, d4, and e4. I think I will change the title of these blogs to the gruenfeld pawn structure. I have gleamed some information through analysis and game explorer and now have another game that I just played that features this pawn structure.


Slav Defense Chameleon Variation

So what can I learn?
- 6. Bf4 is better than breaking the tension with 6.cxd5 and hoping for a gruenfeld pawn structure. Here is a game to demonstrate as well as featuring an Qb3-a3 maneuver:
- It seems to be favorable to "clamp down" with pawns on c5, d4, and e4, and even f4
This is the kind of lock down pawn structure I saw before and considered in my game:
My game:

 - I really have a clamp on the position and should try and recognize that.


That is all I have for now. I believe analyzing my games in this gruenfeld pawn structure has helped me improve. Please leave comments.