Untitled Tuesday: March 2018

Mar 6, 2018, 7:23 PM |

I'm going to try to be posting my analysis of my games from the Untitled Tuesday event. The goal is to give a brief overview of how my tournament went, with several key games featured. Note that the full crosstable can be found here: https://www.chess.com/tournament/live/untitled-tuesday---march-939670


The tournament started out quite well. My first game I won without too much difficulty (though I fooled around a bit after gaining a winning advantage I was never in danger of losing). In round two there was a very interesting middlegame position.

Round 3 against SpeedyChess was a key win as he was right behind me the whole tournament
SymslovFan is always a tough opponent, and tonight he was playing quite well, though I gave him more help than I should have!

 Round 5 I won a game that I played not so great in (but not badly) until the middlegame, and then just ground out the endgame after some mistakes from my opponent. 


My opponent in round 6 is a very strong daily player, however his blitz playing is not as great. Still, he is always a dangerous opponent capable of outplaying anyone.

After a somewhat strange win in round 7, I came to my round 8 game against KaosKid. Indeed, the game was extremely chaotic. 

Round 9 was an interesting rematch against chessguy as we have played twice in Untiled Tuesday, and round 10 was a fairly quick win to finish the tournament off.


Overall I feel like I played fairly well. I punished my opponents for their mistakes, and got out of my tough positions. I don't think I was ever losing a game with no chance of getting back in, but I do think that against a stronger field I would've been more severely punished for my mistakes. I do hope to improve my play for next time, and have some more interesting games!