Magic City New Year Invitational

Jan 11, 2018, 1:23 PM |

This past weekend I hosted a 3 round Swiss tournament for 6 players. I recently signed up for Tournament Director status so I could submit rated games to the USCF. I had hoped for a better turnout, but the 6 of us had a good deal of fun. I won my first two games against an unrated player (who is quite strong for only 3 years into the game and this being his first tourney), and a 1597 player. I was currently 1670. I could have lost both games, but kept my cool while my opponents lost theirs.

The game I present here is my final round game against David Duke, 7-time MT State Champion, and regular opponent of mine in the local chess club. I have beat him a few times in blitz, but not in a longer game or our 1 tournament game at the MT Closed. David is consistent with his opening choices, so when he drew White I knew the English was coming.