CT Dreadnoughts in danger of missing USCL playoffs.

Oct 24, 2012, 12:57 PM |

By NM Daniel Lowinger:

Some of my happiest childhood memories took place at Geller's chess camp in New Jersey. I met so many talented chess players there. One, in particular, stands out in my memory. He was a real talent, probably rated near 2000 at the time if I remember, and had special ICC privileges. While the other kids played soccer, table tennis, and video games, only he was permitted unfettered access to the computer to play blitz to his heart's delight. He was often up all night blitzing on ICC.

GMs Kekelidze and Hess

Well, As fate would have it, almost two decades later Tom Bartell was to be up all night playing chess again, this time dueling out a grueling endgame against our own GM Kekelidze to bring victory to the Philadelphia Inventors.  Continue to full article and pictures...