CT Dreadnoughts Join The US Chess League!

Sep 17, 2012, 10:09 AM |

The Connecticut Dreadnoughts are the newest addition to the United States Chess League.  Despite it being our first season, we have put together a team which has very realistic chances of going all the way to the finals this year.  With the support of the Chess Club of Fairfield County, we have been able to put together a carefully constructed team with many versitile line-ups.  Many teams tout their ability to field a top heavy GM line-up or a more balanced line-up using strong masters on board 4.  Fortunately for us, we can do both at the same time!  


The key to our success this year will undoubtedly be in the hands of our many talented players. Our board one is GM Robert Hess, who is ranked #4 in the US.  We will be counting on him to lead our team and put up solid results against other teams' top boards.  We are also fortunate to have some top up-and-coming juniors on our team.  NM Kapil Chandran is the reigning K-8 National Champion and is inching closer to the 2300 mark.  We also have NM Joshua Colas who set the record for the youngest African-American master!  Josh will be a monster board 4 for us as he just recently hit 2400 (!).  Be sure to check out our complete squad, including GM Mikheil Kekelidze, IM Justin Sarkar and WIM Yuanling Yuan (Canada's top rated woman), NM Arslan Otchiyev, NM Daniel Lowinger, NM Ian Harris and our next future star Zachary Tanenbaum!


We are only two weeks into the season so far and the Dreadnoughts have 1.5/2 points.  You can read more in-depth reviews of our matches, including annotated games and pictures on our website.  We play our matches at the newly renovated Chess Club of Fairfield County in Norwalk, CT.  The club provides a fantastic atmosphere for our players and spectators.  If you live nearby, be sure to take the trip to visit us during our matches.  Spectators will be able to watch the games live at the club and enjoy relaxing while participating in commentary from various masters and the players themselves!

Be sure to check back often as we will post match review each week!