The Rohde to Victory...

Sep 13, 2013, 7:16 PM |

A tough match on paper, with many predictors thinking everything was going to go horribly wrong for the Dreadnoughts, ended in a very convincing victory for Connecticut.  Indeed, the 3-1 victory nearly ended by an even wider margin had advantages on boards 1 and 4 not fizzled into draws. 

GMs Rohde and Kekelidze channeling their inner world champions!

GM Michael Rohde led the team this week with a swift sacrificial victory, good enough to be nominated for Game of the Week!  His quick win put the Dreadnoughts up 1-0 very early in the match. 

Having already sacrificed an exchange, GM Rohde (W) decided to go all in with 20.Bxh7!! Click here for the full game.

The real story of the match was IM Jay Bonin (an Inventor in past years) who was now playing against his former team and their MVP from last year, FM Dov Gorman.

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