USCL Update: CT bounces back with huge win over NJ!

Nov 6, 2012, 12:04 PM |

By NM Ian Harris:

The Connecticut Dreadnoughts bounced back against New Jersey last week.  After suffering three losses in a row, it was critical for us to win if we were to have any chance of making the playoffs. With that in mind, the pressure was on and the players did not disappoint.  All of the games were exciting.  GM Alex Stripunsky sacrificed a piece for an attack on Dreadnoughts GM Robert Hess’s king .  However, Hess neutralized all of the threats and made it to an endgame up an entire piece. Meanwhile on board four, NM Kapil Chandran, playing for the Dreadnoughts, was very happy getting his opponent to fall into an opening trap.  Despite some complications, Chandran eventually brought home the full point to give the Dreadnoughts a two game lead. 

NMs Kapil Chandran and Ian Harris


Click here for more pictures and to find out how it all finished!