First live tournament in 7 years!

Apr 17, 2011, 11:12 AM |
Well I played my first live chess tournament in 7 years this weekend. I felt a bit rusty and the whole experience was a lot more draining than I remember but it was great fun.I ended up with 3/5 and I'll be posting all of my games over the week. I've only gone through the first two right now and want to go through them all by myself first.
Anyway, here are the first two. All annotations are my own thoughts either during the game or in a post-mortem. I haven't put these through a computer yet and I'd appreciate it if people that comment make their comments from their own heads as well. No doubt there are plenty of mistakes and things that can be improved so all input would be great! I'd rather have "real" feedback before I get anything from the computer.
Game 1:
I didn't know what to expect for a few reasons. For starters I had no idea if I was in the right grading category! My grade was a provisional one converted from my old UK grade. Given my long break from the game it's hard to say how I would fare. It was also my first live game with incremental time controls and that's something that ended up catching me out a little bit.. (note the players are the wrong way round in the naming. I was black).
Game 2:
FIrst game as white and I was looking forward to it.. until he played the scandinavian (once again the naming etc is incorrect it should be 0-1).
Both games I feel I could have won. The first I can put down to time trouble, the second I missed a few things in a complicated position and let him back into the game and then blundered ;)
The other games will come soon. Feedback would be awesome.
edit: Corrected the result in game 2.