How to improve your chess Game

How to improve your chess Game

Nov 8, 2015, 7:24 AM |

How to Improve Your Chess Game

You may know how to play chess, but how do your chess game? A few tips can help you win more games.


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    Make sure the board is set up correctly. Chess is a two player game. Each person starts with the exact same pieces: 8 Pawns, 2 Rooks, 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, a King and Queen. The Queen starts on its color.

2 Divide the game into three sections: beginning often known as "opening", middle and end game. At the beginning of the game you want to develop your pieces. The Bishops start off trapped behind Pawns. You need to open a space so that your Bishops can move.

3 Put your Bishops and Knights off the back row. You have a choice with the King: castle or do not castle. They used to say you had to castle. Some good players choose not to castle. If you do not castle you want to move the King off the back row and have pieces to defend the King. The back row should have Rooks that protect each other.But it is recommended to castle because it not only makes your king safe but also develops your rooks.

4 Think first, move second. Never move a piece for no reason. Always have some type of plan. A bad plan is better than no plan.

5 Use the middle game as the planning stage. You want to defend your King, and also attack your opponent so that you can win.

6 Read books on the opening and the end game.It will absolutely help you a lot. There is no books on middle game.

7 Have fun; realize that this is a game. Like everything in life, the more you practice , the more experience you have, the more you will improve.

8 Be flexible. It is good to have a plan however, you must be flexible. If you have moves planned, you still need to adjust the plan if your king is in danger. Before every move look at your position. Any pieces that are in danger must be protected or moved.

9 Use strategy when attacking. For instance, if you see two of your opponents Rooks on the same diagonal you can place your Bishop on that diagonal to attack both Rooks. You can use your Knight to attack two pieces at once. An excellent move is to place the King in check, and attack a Queen at the same time. When the Knight or any other piece is attacking two pieces at once it is called a fork.

10 Try not to sacrifice any Pawns. The Pawns are the only pieces that can be promoted. In the end game those Pawns will be the most valuable pieces. Practice getting a Pawn to the end for promotion. It involves knocking off your opponents Pawns and advancing your Pawns.But sometimes pawn sacrifices will help you.

11 Stay alert. Every move the board changes. Make sure that your King is safe before making your move.

12 Use your pieces as a team. The Bishop and Pawn together protect each other. You can use the Queen and Bishop as a checkmating team. Your Rooks should be on the same row.

13 After every move your opponent makes think why he moved the piece?What are his plans?

14 Look up the chess tournaments online and see the completed games. It allows you to look at the game from the first move to the end. Study the games of the champions. See what they did to win, copy those techniques and learn from them.