Ways to improve on chess.com & chess

Ways to improve on chess.com & chess

Oct 31, 2015, 4:35 AM |

Hi friends ,If u want to improve in your chess , 1)Play  chess on chess.com with standard time control  More u play the better.

2) Play Tournaments in your place 

3)SOLVE 3 puzzles per day.

4) Visit my blog,  Solve all my doubts in the      forums.So u bright Your skills in helping

5)Analyze your games,  if u can't send them to Me m

6)Drink a juice, take a break while playing      chess

7) Don't drink Drinks like Coke etc

8) Enjoy with jokes and inspiring videos 

9) Advise with Your Institute or coach.

10)Never lose Hope,  Never quite,  Play magnus and test your skills 

11) Create forums on your doubts, Learn all Tactics First then strategy, Traping, Best games, Counter plays,  Middle game planning, Endgames, then comes Oppenings of all kind. Oppenings accordingly to instute or coach. THANKS I am International, I analyze your few games max 15 for free. Even free suggestions & Tips. Lessons & Videos,  Yes if u want 



- Caitano