In Chess and Life, Be Nice!

In Chess and Life, Be Nice!

Jun 24, 2015, 6:27 AM |

Dear friends,

When I looked at a game of chess and felt upset that my opponent took a stoic pawn, that’s when I realized how big a metaphor chess is to life. 

Recently I’ve come to a crossroads in my life. I’m seeing deeper depths than I thought was possible. In my work life, that means really seeing people. Thinking about how they would like to be treated or spoken to, and adjusting my trajectory to meet them. I think there is a way to do this where both sides win.

When I was growing up, I avoided competition because when I was competitive, it awakened a hunger to win that was not very nice toward others. I didn’t always care about others when I would compete. I think this is why my sister has never played chess with me again. I'm sorry, Sarah. I love you!

I am finally learning to play nicely. To play without being mean or oppressive to others. To play for the fun of it!

This is really all about words. The words we choose and the intention behind them.

If you have read this far, this is a request from me to you. 

Try being nice. Start right here on Be nice to others, and spread the word. If they are abusive, take a screenshot and let us know. Don't retaliate, don't let their mediocrity bring you down. 

If you enjoy some competitive banter, and there's nothing wrong with that, try doing so without being vulgar or using profanity. 

Let's really work together to make a friendly place. Please join me in being nice!


My best,



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