Featured Article: IM Silman Returns!

Featured Article: IM Silman Returns!

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 IM Silman Returns: Week 7  -  September 29, 2011

Just over two weeks since the World defeated IMs Pruess and Rensch, an old chess veteran and author has returned to write articles on! IM Jeremy Silman has finally come back, and he is ready to write new chess articles and more!

After more than four months of inactivity, Silman recently published his newest article: "Recognizing The Big Moment In A Game". For more information, see below. 

This is a tiny excerpt from Silman's newly published work of art.

There are certain moments (also known as key positions) in a game when you realize that something’s up, that your opponent is begging for the death blow, or that some other major happening is hidden behind analysis and chess logic. In general, amateurs let these moments pass by since their spider sense isn’t that highly developed. However, instead of hoping that some comic book super power or mystical signal will give you a sign, you can usually figure it out by a simple imbalance breakdown... Read more now!


Before Silman temporarily left, he wrote a "final" blog / article, stating his farewells to the online site and its members. The article contained a variety of different topics; two of the major subjects were trolls [unexpected, but who knows what could happen here?] and submitted questions. Here is another excerpt from this article:

A zillion people screamed: Don’t leave and let the trolls win! [Heh heh. Look who's back up and running!]”

Dear zillion,

My view of the troll attacks never had anything to do with winning or losing. In fact, I’m very familiar with trolls. Allow me to share a bit of (true) background... Read more now!


From one Jeremy to another, welcome back IM Silman! I hope you have a great run on!

~ CalbaMan [a.k.a. Jeremy]

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