I'm Back!

Nov 16, 2011, 9:04 PM |

I'm Back: Week 9  -  November 16, 2011

Hey everybody! It's me, CalbaMan, and I am ready to start blogging again! I would just like to thank my readers for waiting such a long time... you guys have definitely been a huge part of my success [sort of] at writing! Here is a look at things to come!

We Have a New Schedule!

This is a HUGE change! I have been very busy and don't have much time to blog anymore... Instead of the usual 16 blogs a month, I will be providing the site with approximately 5 - 6 articles every four weeks. Sorry for this change!

New Features!

I have new features! Starting from here on out, I will posting blogs exactly like this every month. Here is a list of features I have so far...

  • Chess Articles, etc...
  • Chess Puzzles and Quizzes
  • Featured Games
  • Site News and Updates
  • Blog News and Updates
  • Monthly FIDE Rating List Updates
  • Chess Percentage and Statistics


Thanks for reading! I am back and ready to write! 

~ CalbaMan