Weekly Quiz: Chess Masters and Foundations

Weekly Quiz: Chess Masters and Foundations

Sep 17, 2011, 2:05 AM |

 Chess Masters and Foundations: Week 6  -  September 17, 2011

#1: Who defeated Bobby Fischer at the Rosenwald Memorial in 1956?

A) Emanuel Lasker         B) Arthur Bisguier

C) Alexander Grischuk      D) Larry Christiansen

#2: When was Alexander Grischuk born?

A) January 4, 1945         B) April 17, 1974

C) October 31, 1983       D) September 21, 1952

#3: Where was FIDE founded?

A) Paris, France          B) London, England

C) Beijing, China         D) Madrid, Spain

#4: When was USCF founded?

A) 1984          B) 1962

C) 1948            D) 1939


#5: Who was the 10th World Chess Champion?

A) Bobby Fischer          B) Boris Spassky

C) Vladimir Kramnik         D) Garry Kasparov

Thank you for reading this week's trivia! Please post your answers in the comments. The solutions for each of the problems will be given at the end of the week.

~ CalbaMan