Weekly Quiz: Chess Trivia of the Ages

Weekly Quiz: Chess Trivia of the Ages

Aug 25, 2011, 9:53 PM |

Chess Trivia of the Ages: Week 3  -  August 23, 2011

#1: Where did chess originate?

A) India      B) China

C) Arabia    D) England

#2: How many possible moves does white have at the start of a chess match?

A) 22 moves      B) 16 moves

C) 18 moves      D) 20 moves


#3: What is the fewest number of moves possible by either black or white to checkmate?

A) Three moves      B) Four moves

C) Five moves      D) Six moves


#4: Who were the two opponents in the "Evergreen Game"?

A) Steinitz and Zukertort      B) Morphy and Staunton

C) Anderssen and Dufresne      D) Lasker and Capablanca


#5: What was the longest World Championship ever played?

A) Steinitz versus Lasker      B) Tal versus Spassky 

C) Botvinnik versus Petrosian      D) Alekhine versus Capablanca 


Thank you for reading this week's trivia! Please post your answers in the comments. The solutions for each of the problems will be given at the end of the week.

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