Weekly Quiz: The History of Chess, Part Two

Weekly Quiz: The History of Chess, Part Two

Sep 2, 2011, 7:58 PM |

 The History of Chess: Week 4  -  September 2, 2011

#1: Who won the first international correspondence tournament in 1932?

A) Janos Balogh         B) Paul Morphy

C) Bobby Fischer      D) Garry Kasparov

#2: When was blind chess banned by the USSR?

A) 1864       B) 1972

C) 1953       D) 1930

#3: Who was the 11th World Chess Champion?

 A) Paul Morphy          B) Anatoly Karpov

 C) Vladimir Kramnik         D) Bobby Fischer

#4: Who was the Classical World Chess Champion from 2000 to 2006?

A) William Steinitz          B) Bobby Fischer

C) Vladimir Kramnik             D) Anatoly Karpov


#5: What is Anatoly Karpov's peak rating?

A) 2640          B) 2780

C) 2730          D) 2650

Thank you for reading this week's trivia! Please post your answers in the comments. The solutions for each of the problems will be given at the end of the week.

~ CalbaMan