Weekly Quiz: Top Chess Grandmasters

Weekly Quiz: Top Chess Grandmasters

Sep 24, 2011, 12:41 AM |

 Top Chess Grandmasters: Week 7  -  September 24, 2011

#1: Who was the first World Chess Champion?

A) Garry Kasparov        B) Wilhelm Steinitz

C) Tigran Petrosian        D) Paul Morphy

#2: When was Jose Raul Capablanca born?

A) November 19, 1888        B) August 17, 1874

C) November 13, 1883        D) November 14, 1889

#3: Where was Kasparov born?

A) Moscow, Russia        B) Los Angeles, California

C) Baku, Azerbaijan        D) Shanghai, China

#4: What is Vladimir Kramnik's middle name?

A) Borisovich          B) Yertza

C) Joheinovitz            D) Kimovich


#5: Who currently tops the FIDE ratings as of 2011?

A) Bobby Fischer          B) Anatoly Karpov

C) Vladimir Kramnik         D) Magnus Carlsen

Thank you for reading this week's trivia! Please post your answers in the comments. The solutions for each of the problems will be given at the end of the week.

~ CalbaMan