undeserved win, chess and life and death

Apr 7, 2010, 9:03 AM |





    So i'm sure you noticed that i have that win up there. but it wasnt earned.  The person that I played against timed out.  I feel it was a pity win to untarnish my record. i demand a rematch.  and it will come.  If this is the only way to attain wins, i want out.  out i say. 

    I'm taking a personal support worker program at school.  I went to a couple of funeral homes during the last few days and learned a lot about death and the dying process.  life is a lot like my chess games.  As soon as I'm born, I begin the dying process.   In my case, death is always premature because of bad choices made in early life.  My end of life (end game) is muddled and confused and my impending doom is hanging over my head.