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"Always on my mind" by ARF

Sep 27, 2007, 10:32 PM 0
alway on my mind no matter what i do. i have done so much to try to forget you like you wanted me to but the harder i try the more i start to cry.no matter were i go no matter where i am no matter who im with your always on my mind.you may always be on my mind but that dose not mean i cant have a good time.the things i think about are that will we ever be or do you even think of me?always on my mind am i on yours the thing i think of most is why where you so mean in the way you said how you felt what happen to the guy i thought i knew with you alway s on my mind i have no idea how i feel i dont know if i should be happy sad or maybe even madis it that i feel bad that i pushed you away or is it that i just love you so. but no matter it may be you will always be on my mind

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