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Rigo M. read this when u get online

Rigo M. read this when u get online

Sep 3, 2007, 7:01 PM 3

Dear role model,
   I am sorry about what has happen.I am hopeing you will forgive me.For now on i just will stop anything i am doing which is talking,thinking,seeing,or anything that has to do with you.I feel as if i distroed your life over the days.Like what valerie told you i only want it if you want it and i think its what you want.I finally found the messge she sent you and you know what most of it is kind of true and when i say most of it i mean all of it.As the days have been going by this has been bugging me so that is why i am doing this.
                                   feeling bad sincerly, 
                               Angelica Rebecca FloresCry 

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