Montgomery Challenge 3/25/17

Mar 28, 2017, 5:18 PM |

This past Saturday I played in the Montgomery Challenge, a 4-round tournament with a time control of G/60, d5. I decided to play up to the 1800+ section, which meant that I had a full-point bye in round one because I was the lowest-rated in the section and there was an odd number of players. So my first game was in round two against a strong expert and former state champion.

So that endgame was always objectively drawn but white was the one applying pressure, and I felt I handled it well. In round three I got my first-ever expert scalp in less than 20 moves.

So that was a quick one. We used less than 15 minutes combined. With that win I took the clear lead with 2.5/3 with one round to go. In the last round I played an A-player who had come two rounds late but was given two half points for the first two rounds and won his third round game. He was the only player with 2/3, so I knew that if I at least drew this game, I would get clear first in the tournament.

 So I made a few mistakes towards the end of that game, but luckily I was still able to finish off the attack. With that victory I netted clear first in the tournament with 3.5/4, and gained 99 rating points and $200. Let me know what you think about the games, and good luck in your own games!

- Aaron