Boston Chess Congress

Jan 10, 2014, 9:57 PM |

[Note, I have cleaned up the blog here, and created all the games with diagrams]

Summary:  2.5 points out of 5.  Overall not a bad result, although I still feel I should be doing better.  After some poor previous performances in the last few years in OTB tournaments, I lost about 200 rating points, dropping from 1430 to 1244.  All of my opponents from this tournament finished with a post tourney rating of above 1400.  My USCF rating increased to 1323.  I feel the major theme for me to work on from this event is Time Management.  Except for Game 3 which finished in 19 moves, I was in serious time trouble by move 30 in every other game.  If I was given an extra hour in rounds 4 and 5, I believe I could have won those games.  Aside from this though, I still have some serious lapses in basic Safety - i.e. consistently reviewing Checks, Captures, Threats.

Game 1: Win

Game 2: Win

Game 3: Loss

Game 4: Loss

Game 5: Draw