Middlegame Training

Nov 10, 2014, 11:24 PM |

I'm going through the YouTube videos of Majnu2006, his Middlegame Training excercises.  I treat each one as a Stoyko excercise trying to limit myself to less than 1 hour.  I will include the pgn with all the variations I find.  I'll try to add my evaluations of each line if I get the time.

Middlegame Training Day 1

It took me an hour to do these variations.  I did not finish analyzing all the candidates that I had listed and I spent more than half the time just on dxe5.  I hope to get much faster with this as I continue these excercises.  

My main choice would have been Nf4, but I didn't get to analyzing Rhf8 or some other candidates.  I missed the strength of the idea of either Qa7 or Qb6 taking the a7-g1 diagonal and penetrating White's position completely.  My evaluations for the most part were not bad, but i think the lines were in general very clear cut.