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Embarking on Chess960

Embarking on Chess960

Jan 3, 2018, 10:06 AM 0

Embarking on Chess960...

To me Bobby Fischer is the best chess player this world has seen. Even though his chess was finally said to be "stuck in the 70s" (Kasparov), I regard his natural talent above everyone's else. His invention of Fischer Random (aka Chess960) speaks volumes about his approach to the game.

I encourage everyone to try Chess960. To me it really refreshed my view on the game. I think I am (modestly) talented in chess, but often find myself outplayed in real games over the board and online blitz games alike by openings I don't know all the traps and intricacies about. So sometimes even a one-trick-pony who I regard actually less talented than me manages to beat me. All this changes in 960.

Since decades - dating back to the times of Capablanca - there is talk about the "draw death of chess". I don't agree. But Chess960 could become a popular new way to make chess unpredictable and based in talent a lot more again. In any way, chess 960 could improve your play. It certainly does mine, I feel.

I present some of my 960 wins here that I can be proud of. Hope some of you stumple upon it and find it entertaining.

the Captain

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