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First serious Chess960.

First serious Chess960.

Jan 3, 2018, 10:53 AM 0

First serious Chess960.

Maybe I am even less than a "chess tourist" (Kasparov), and the quality of my blitz games are even worse. So recently I gave chess 960 a try. And since I am additionally struggeling in blitz I switched to daily games, means 48+ hours per move. As you know at chess.com you always start with 800 points at every time section (be it bullet, blitz, rapid or dailies). My opponents so far didn't look that deep into the positions, so up to this point I won all of my chess 960 games. Recently I encountered the first player you better take very seriously. He/She has impressive 2200+ in blitz and bullet, 1800+ in Rapid and 1700+ in Daily 960 (which surely is low only because he/she still has limited amount of games yet).

Still I managed to take advantage of his/her over-optimistic play and finally won. Up to move 6 the position was 100% symmetrical (see heading diagram), so the burden was on me to come up with an original idea to break symmetry for an advantage. I did so with a temporary pawn sacrifice on move 9. I am sure he/she dismissed this as a beginner's mistake due to my low rating I still have in this time section.

He/she returned the pawn and tried to invate with the queen. Still this had no benefit since my rooks not only replaced my broken pawn shield in front of my king but fired back at the opponent's king. From here on it was all just fun tactics, I won in each of my variations on my real board.



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