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People Who Let the Clock Run Out to Annoy You

People Who Let the Clock Run Out to Annoy You

Jun 1, 2017, 5:18 AM 1

About 1 in 10 players I play when they are about to lose, let the clock run on (I'm sure you've met your share of this type of person). Here is one example of yet another opponent who let me play until I was one move away from delivering check mate, where he then offered me a draw, which I declined, before letting the clock tick down to make me wait out of spite. Here are screenshots of his 15 minutes left on the clock - where I had to wait until the clock ran out:



[I blanked out the player's name to keep him anonymous]



Pretty sad right? Personally, I embrace losing when I've played my best because I can learn from lost games by studying where I went wrong and how to improve.

It seems very strange when I encounter people who link, what must be a very fragile ego, to their fear of losing. Luckily though, most players I meet on Chess.com enjoy the game as a game and does not become a clash of pride and ego.

To deal with the odd time when I encounter 'clock runners' who let the time tick on, in the hope that I'll get bored and give them the game, I've come up with this idea:

To always have a chess board set up nearby to practice drills on or an episode of a favorite series ready to play whilst waiting for the clock to run out.

Plus, it's very positive for the other 9 out of 10 players out there because it shows that they have real inner confidence, and are not crushed by not getting a win.

I wonder if this happens more at lower skill level chess games, such as the level I'm at as a beginner / intermediate. If anyone reading this has a rating of around >1500 on rapid it would be interesting to know if the 'clock runners' disappear at this level or not. 

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