Quick Knockouts Galore

Quick Knockouts Galore

Mar 19, 2013, 5:51 PM |

We've all seen it. It's annoying, usually stupid, quite aggressive, and it mocks you. You're playing a guy rated 800, let's just say. He's playing white.

Your game looks good after moves 1:

1. e4 c5

The Sicilian Defense. I love that opening. Flexible and offers a great game if played right.

2. Nf3 Nc6

One of the many "move two" main lines. Just playing cool.

3. Bc4 Nf6

Standard play, but white is very fixated on f7. It should be very obvious what his next move will be...

4. Ng5?!

The early f7 attack. Every beginner loves to get here. They think the earlier an attack, all the better. White is playing the "Fried Liver Attack", but WE won't be the ones to be the fried liver...

Well, here are just a lot of ways to defend the silly play...


  1.)  Ne5: This move simply guards f7, attacks the bishop, and centralizes the knight all in one move.

2.)   e6: Just blocks the c4 Bishop's diaganol. Now black's light-squared can get out and continue development accordingly.

3.)   d5: The punch to the face. Who said you had to DEFEND to block? Why not attack? After exd5 Nxd5 it is obvious white has wasted his time.

4.)   Nh6: Just development and defending. Although Nf6 is a stronger post, now f6 (unlike the usual Nf6 and h6) drives the knight away and gets our beginner second thoughts.

As obvious this idea is to grasp, WE ALL were like this before. Very fixated on quick knockouts. Nothing better than getting the job done fast.

*This was my first ever attempt on blogging something. Yes, the concept was simple, but I was just trying to see how this may work. Next time, I will have a real topic to discuss.