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How Long Does It Take to Improve? #1

How Long Does It Take to Improve? #1

Jul 13, 2015, 2:58 PM 5

How long does it take to improve at chess? A question asked by many players of all standards. Of course there are many people who will give different answers to this based on what they have experienced, but a universal answer is hard to find. However intend to record my progress, once a month, to track my progress and to hopefully give an idea as to the time it may take a player to improve at this great game. It is difficult to measure improvement but i think the best or easiest way is to look at the change in my rating points and give an update every month, and to perhaps include a couple of my more interesting games.

Now to do this i think some background as to my current skill may be required. I learned chess from an early age but never really played it properly until, perhaps, March ofthis year (2015). When i began playing on a different account, my rating at live standard went down to 1000, and my tactics rating was around 800. Since then, and on my new account Casaplanka, i have reached an all time high of 1423 live standard and hit 1500 on the tactics trainer.

So it must be from this point that the improvement is measured, with already an improvement of 400 points in live standard and 700 in tactics. I hope this blog can be useful to players who are wanting to learn  how long improvement takes and that some of my experiences may also be instructive and helpful.

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