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My First Analysis

My First Analysis

Sep 21, 2015, 9:24 AM 0
It has been a while since my last blog post so i feel i should report. I had some of my games analysed by a teacher, as i was struggling to make progress. His advice was very useful and he pointed out the obvious but valuable fact that most of my games included massive blunders. Since then i have been trying to play longer games, 45/45 and really concentrate on avoiding blunders, using a computer to check for them after every game. Not surprisingly my rating has climbed considerably (60 points), and although i do still blunder every few games, it is much less frequent and when they occur they are not leading to such horrible results. Here is one of my recent games that i played, it is a win of mine that i enjoyed particularly and is in fact my first attempt at analysis. Please could people comment below and provide instruction and their own thoughts on the game and my analysis, as i am trying to improve both. I hope you enjoy the game, even though it is between some low rated players, and i thank you in advance for any guidance you may give.

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