Chess Poem

Feb 26, 2011, 1:47 PM |


By: Kiran Kokilepersaud

A tortured world of 64.

A game that has brought the mind to his knees.

More thoughts and positions than atoms in the universe.

But limited to under an hour to decide.

Every move changes everything.

The stress of knowing every move could be your last.

The stress of knowing you must choose a move.

Being plagued by indecision could be the end to an otherwise successful game.

A game that has suffocated the  mind until no remaining thought is possible.

From Morphy, to Rubinstein, and to Torre.

However as there are 32 dark squares in chess, there are also 32 bright squares.

The joy of creation.

The feeling of success.

The rush and excitement of a beautiful attacking game.

From that one can only compare a tactic of Tal to a summers day.

To the wild sacrifices of the Immortal Game.

To the perfection of a positional game.

From there you come upon the cruel suffocation of Petrosion.

To many scientific principles only an enlightened one can enjoy.

Best of all  is to see child's joy as he watches the beauty of chess and sets goals for himself.

A child's mind will develop an early strength over others, he regards as his equals.

He will gain valuable skills.






Chess will shape the mind into a work of pure elegance.