Mar 15, 2009, 7:18 PM |

an awkward sort of rippling kinda wintry peaking power

she looked into the gazes harrowing judgemental sour

searing melting melding molding meshing monstrous cowards

standing down against the wind and frozen pellet showers



shake it away and leave it alone

the sickness bleeds through flesh to bone

it riddles the waddles of unkempt places

deconsecrating superstitions of terrestrial places


another exemption personified in the rarities of the species

some compounded hexagonal roy-g-biv refracted rainbow shimmering thesis

blending simply unnoticed throughout the darkest pieces of being

resembling all, resembling none of the constituents thick, disagreeing


another contrivance another callous

another number numerally deficient

it hangs with great strength within a balance

it shall perservere ever magnificent